Ever since our family moved from Michigan to Wisconsin, we have said, “sometime we should take the ferry across the lake.”

We have said it, but we haven’t done it.

But this trip seemed like a great opportunity to check it off our “to-do” list.

The S.S. Badger has been sailing since 1953 – a time when several car ferries were on the lakes. Now the Badger is the only car ferry of its size on the Great Lakes and is a National Historic Site.

The ride is fairly expensive. $74.00 per adult, plus $74.00 for your car and $24.00 for a child.

(By the say, I did not take the above picture of the ship. Since I was on the ship, I was not able to get a clear picture of it, so took this one from their website. Since I’m giving them free advertisement space, I hope they don’t mind.)

From the beginning, the munchkin had been calling our trip “my beautiful delight.” And to him – the ship was definitely a big part of his beautiful delight.

We headed to Manitowoc, Wisconsin to board the ferry. We pulled into the line of cars and then walked to the boat ramp, boarding as the drizzle drizzled on us. And then we saw them walk to our car and pull it out of the line and drive it on the boat – so that was encouraging.

Some facts

1. Sixty miles from Manitowoc to Ludington, Michigan.

2. Travels 18 miles per hour.

3. Crosses approximately 450 times per season.

4. Room for 600 people and 180 cars.

5.  Four hundred and 10 inches long.


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