We got into Ludington about 7:00 (Michigan time) and by the time we got our car, it was about 8:00.

Here’s a big hint – if you’re taking the ferry and expect to stay in Ludington plan on choosing a run-down motel or paying more than you have ever paid for a hotel room in your life. Literally.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, not my idea of a luxury hotel – especially not with a french fry on the floor and a less-than-optimal AC unit. But they had you. While I was waiting in line, I watched them turn away three very desperate families who were looking for a place to sleep. (The two Hampton Inns we stayed in the following nights were not only MUCH cheaper, but were also MUCH nicer.)

So seriously, figure out where you’re planning on staying and be prepared.

Anyhow, the next morning we headed toward the Ludington State Park and spent time walking along a grassy/sandy beach. Great morning and great walk. And only the munchkin, once again, got soaked.

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