We headed to the Hampton in Lansing – much nicer and much, MUCH cheaper than the HIE in Ludington. We were on our way to the Lansing Lugnuts who play at a park with the catchy (sporty) name of Cooley Law School Stadium. The guy at the  Hampton Inn desk was so friendly and helpful as he gave us directions that both Jeff and I thought he was going to invite us to his house. (Literally.)

So we made our way to the Lugnuts – a team that plays in downtown Lansing in an area that has recently been rejuvenated.  In fact, they built condos on the parking lot so parking can be a problem. (Think Wrigley though not quite as bad as Wrigley.) Actually, I later learned that it was easier for us to find parking because we went on a weekend when companies opened their parking lots. Weekday parking is more challenging. By the way, Lugnuts are a Toronto Blue Jay minor league team.

Funny – my seat had ivy growing up the side – only seat I saw that did so – sort of a piece of Wrigley at Cooley.

The game was fun. Lugnuts played the Silver Hawks and won. Then we watched the obligatory minor league fireworks.

2 thoughts on “THE LANSING LUGNUTS”

  1. I stumbled onto your blog while collecting recent media mentions (for scrapbooking), and I wanted to quickly write and thank you for dropping by and seeing a Lugnuts game! It sounds like you had a fun time, too!

    Sincerest regards,

    Jesse Goldberg-Strassler
    Lansing Lugnuts Radio Broadcaster

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