Fort Michilimackinac

Our next stop was Fort Michilimackinac, tucked under the Mackinac Bridge. (Of course, when it was tucked there, there wasn’t a bridge. Maybe the bridge tucked over the fort.)

This was actually a French fort and then a British Fort that was used, not so much for military purposes, as it was a trading post for those traveling from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi River via the Great Lakes and Illinois. Located strategically on the shores of the Straits of Mackinac, it would be a location most every long ago traveler would pass.

The fort is well done and on the day we were there, had quite a bit of activity including cannons, open fire cooking, musket shooting, and a short history lesson by a young British couple and a Native American. And – the munchkin signed up to join the British army.

We also found humor in watching the one very talented staff member who ran from activity center to activity center – he was welcoming us, explaining canons, signing people up for the army and then much to everyone’s enjoyment, broke down in laughter as he and his fellow “soldier” attempted to shoot the muskets.

All good fun.

Yes, I would recommend taking kids there, definitely. The munchkin was much entertained.  And the view itself is worthwhile.

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