WHERE: Once you cross the bridge and head west on Route 2, you will see the Manistique Lighthouse at the end of a long breakwater. Although we were there late in the afternoon, the sun play in the pictures is a result of a dark storm approaching, not so much the evening light.

WHAT: The lighthouse was to guide sailors who were going to and from Lake Michigan/Manistique River. The light was first lit on August 17, 1916 and went automated in 1969. The lighthouse keeper’s house was sold to a private citizen.

KID FACTOR: As I said, a storm was fast approaching and the waves were hurdling over the breakwater, periodically soaking us. My goal was to stay away from the splashes, but the munchkin had a great time walking into the splashes – which explains his very wet clothes. Their website does say it can get very dangerous when the wind is blowing and the water continually comes over the breakwater. While we were there, it wasn’t quite that bad, but the wind was whipping around. So, yes, fun for kids (even older kids).

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