So, last January I said I would do something new each day this year.

Did not happen – life got in the way.  However, I haven’t totally been stuck in a rut.

Here are 20 new things I’ve done so far this year …

1. Ate at Francescas on the River.

2. Went disc golfing.

3. Ate at Which Wich.

4. Visited Carnton Plantation.

5. Went out to breakfast with a friend I sat behind for four years of high school homeroom. (We hadn’t seen each other since then.)

6.  Visited the Hegeler – Carus Mansion (I use those words loosely)

7. Saw a vegamatic demonstration

8. Saw a nine pound lemon at Epcot.

9. Ate breakfast on the Atlantic Ocean shore – two weeks in a row – many hundred miles apart and being home in between.

10. Took flowers to a nursing home and asked them to give them to someone who doesn’t have visitors.

11. Ate frozen yogurt.

12. Visited the Ellwood mansion.

13. Ate at Chevy’s in Orlando.

14. Ate at Smashburger.

15. Watch the Packers at their Training Camp.

16. Rode in an Amish buggy.

17. Went to a Lansing Lugnuts Game (and a Kane County Cougar Game and a Cub game – but the last two aren’t new.)

18. Got Lyme disease.

19. Got sick from the medicine that I was taking to cure the Lymn disease.

20 Ate at Cooper’s Hawk (actually twice and it’s super good).

One thought on “NEW THINGS”

  1. you have “ride in an Amish buggy” twice you cheater, you! Unless one was a grey one and one was a black one, then that’s totally different.

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