Nebo Crossing is in the little town of Nebo, North Carolina, just up Harmony Grove Road from the “Casket Store.”  (Their slogan is “we deliver,” but I’m not sure how someone in need of a casket could actually go get it.”

The church is a good size – the building you are seeing in the picture is their new building – one of three that they use. Down the hill is a children’s building with a cool artistic fountain display in front. Up the hill is their old building (although it doesn’t look all that old) which is now a school and is where I taught on Saturday.

People were very friendly and I know at least two of the church’s pastors were present at the conference, checking to see if we needed anything – which speaks well for the church.

Nebo is best known for Lake James, a large mountain lake, but I didn’t see it – just saw signs and heard about it. The whole area is beautiful and is near the Black Mountains and Montreat where Billy Graham has his “mountaintop home.”



  1. Thanks, Kristen – I truly enjoyed my visit to your town … and you and I have similar last names!

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