Our goal was Liberty Baptist Church, Hampton, Virginia. Hampton is nice town, wide streets and lots of trees.

The conference was great as were the friendships we made with staff. I don’t say a whole lot about conferences because I make it a rule not to talk about the people I meet. I don’t want to invade anyone’s privacy. And since conferences are people, that doesn’t leave me much to say..

However, we did have an interesting experience after the conference.  I was with Barb and with Betsy – a friend from HQ. Neither of them had seen the Atlantic Ocean before. Barb and I were planning on going the next morning, but Betsy was flying out at six in the morning. So I said I’d take them out that night.

Since it wasn’t very far away (and since I have a compass in my car and knew I simply needed to head East) finding it wasn’t all that difficult – problem was – it was very, very dark out.

So what they saw was lights reflecting in – what had to be ocean water.

Technically – the ocean.

The entire day was good.



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