Here is something you need to know about visiting Jamestown.

You have a choice.

Jamestown Settlement is a Virginia State Park and includes reenactments, reproductions, Pocahontas’ village, etc.

Historic Jamestowne (yes, with an “e”) is further down the road on an island and is a National Park.

Jamestowne Settlement is not on the actual site of  the original Jamestowne.

Historic Jamestowne is.

Kids would probably enjoy the Settlement more than the National Park … but we went to the park … which is actually an archeological site.


In 1607 the colonists sailed down the James River on the Susan Constant, Discovery and Godspeed and landed on the strip of land which became known as Jamestown – Here Virginia was born with the settlement as it’s first capital. Jamestown is also considered the first permanent English settlement in all of America.

The story of Jamestown is not a happily-ever-after tale, however. With disease, malnutrition, poor leadership and a horrible drought, only 60 of the original 200 made it to the year 1610. The colony did rebound, but continued to struggle – and by 1699, the capital was moved to Williamsburg and Jamestown disappeared.

The story of Jamestown is a fascinating one and a good glimpse into the history of our country.

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