DSC02027 DSC02077I’ve been to two cool restaurants this season – one we go to every year and the other was a first.

Every year we go down to Chicago and eat lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe ( we also get there sometimes when it’s not Christmas).

The best thing of all are their beignets which you order with your meal – and by the time you’re ready for dessert – they’re done.

The other cool place was a quaint tearoom in a quaint town. We went “south” on a misty afternoon making the quaintness seem all the more quaint as we walked around town and toured the quaint shops.

The Pickwick Society references Little Women – although we didn’t see too many references to Little Women inside the shop except for the restroom being called Laurie’s room. (Which, in a way, was confusing since Laurie is a guy in the book.)

We had our choice of every flavor of tea you can imagine – the food was ready for us (we had reservations) and we sat back and enjoyed.

One of the highlights was sitting right next to a gentleman playing his hammer dulcimer, serenading our tea.

Two different types of restaurants – one in the middle of a city – one in a quaint, country town.  But both delightful.

By the way – we went into one store and heard crashing, banging, thunderous noise coming from the ceiling. At first I thought water pipes were about to explode – but then we asked – there’s a bowling alley upstairs.

2 thoughts on “TWO COOL RESTAURANTS”

  1. Yes, it was a cool tea room – but as I say in my post – didn’t see too many references to Little Women once we got inside.

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