2013 has been a good year so far – with some exciting opportunities ahead.

Of course, it got off to a great start.

As soon as we saw the ball go down in Times Square, we bundled up (I think I had on five layers) and headed outdoors. The temp was -2 and so it was cold.

The road was quiet and dark – except for a lighted wooden snowflake someone had attached to their mailbox. We found the path through the woods and the six of us made our way under the canopy of tree branches, our boots crunching in the snow.

One of the munchkins had brought along some glow sticks leftover from summer and as we walked, she threaded them into a chain. The stars blinked in the winter sky and in the distance a red glow illuminated the trees. (We don’t know what the glow was – it almost looked like Northern lights, but I did some research so I don’t think so.)

We walked out onto the lake. For a moment, Jeff had us all be still. Silence – except for an occasional crackling of the ice or a the movement of a frozen tree branch.

The mom shone down on the lake and as our eyes adjusted, we could see as if it were daylight.

The munchkins tossed the glow stick chain into the air and I thought …

What better place to start a new year than out here in the tranquil night air.

DSC02122 DSC02129 DSC02117

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