As Kris and I headed for the museum I said, “Obama lives in this neighborhood. You know, I’m working at getting to at least one site for every president and I only have 12 left. He’s one of them.”

My quest to get to an historic (or present site) for all presidents is a fun hobby that we started several years ago – being that both Ken and I were interested in history. Our quest had nothing to do with politics, but strictly presidential sites.

Two other homes also still had the presidents as residents. (Cool rhyme there – presidents as residents) One was the Carter house in Plains, Georgia. We knew they were in town because of an event that was to happen the next day (that we didn’t stay for).  Our goal was only to get a picture of the fence around the house. We also were in Kennebunkport, Maine at the George Bush Sr. house and they weren’t there at the time. The Secret Service was hanging around and about fifty signs said not to stop along side the road – but cars were lined up all along the road – so I don’t think the Bush’s were anywhere around.

And truly, the only thing I wanted to do with the Obama house is to say I found it and cross it off the list.

So after our museum visit, Kris (bless her heart) said she’d be willing to go on the house hunt with me. She looked the address up on her phone and off we went. I already knew that the block was blocked off, so wasn’t expecting to get close. Finding it, however, took some time. First, the roads are narrow. Second, it’s by the University of Chicago and class was in session – which meant a lot of students were around. Third, every street is a one-way street going the direction we weren’t. We seemed to be riding in a lot of circles and then coming out on streets we’d never heard of.

A couple times I thought about giving up – but figured it would be a long time until I’d be driving down in that area again.

Finally we found Greenwood and as we rode down the street – we saw the barricades. Then we went around the block and drove right by the house on the cross street – and pass the barricades and pass the Secret Service in their SUVs – and I got another house crossed off the list.

That’s all. No desire to go back.

This is the street - you can see the barricades in the distance.
This is the street – you can see the barricades in the distance.
This is the end of the block and you can see the barricades at the bottom right.
This is the end of the block and you can see the barricades at the bottom right.

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