WHERE: On the lakefront in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin.

WHEN: The museum has only been opened for five years and they are still completing exhibits. The reason I got interested in it was because someone told me it was the “best Civil War Museum in the country.” Might be debatable, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

WHAT: A Civil War Museum dedicated to the men who fought from the Midwestern States. Considering no battles or major events actually happened here – this is extremely well done.

KID FACTOR: The museum has a lot of kid-friendly exhibits including interesting Civil War facts, dioramas, and talking mannequins that tell you their story. When we asked the munchkin if he would want to go back, he said, “I don’t know,” which his dad interpreted as a “yes.”  I highly recommend the museum – a short drive from Chicago, off of 294 (and you can stop at the Jelly Belly showroom while you’re at it or scoot up to Racine for some Kringle).

DSC02356 DSC02355 DSC02334 DSC02339 DSC02346 DSC02345 IMG_0571


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