OK, I think it’s been a couple centuries since I wrote on this blog – but that’s what I get for doing two other mandatory blogs – the voluntary one gets neglected.

But have a lot of travel stuff to catch up on from this fall – so I’m going to slowly get through it … going backwards.

DSC02970The busy fall ended at the D6 conference in Louisville.

On the way home (three van loads of us – though our van was my brother and me and three HUGE beanbags) we stopped in Indy for supper – a place some of the crew had found on the way down.

The place was called Squealers and it had some of the best barbecue I’ve ever eaten. Not sure if it’s because it truly was some of the best barbecue I had ever eaten or because most of the other meals I had eaten that week consisted of pizza or plastic-wrapped sandwiches (Yuck!).  There were ten of us and so we ordered five Squealer Samplers which consisted of three individually chosen meats and side.

Just all around good.

But this is not the highlight of the fall – so moving on backwards …


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