My guest blogger is Belinda – one of the two charming girls who went to the Museum of Science and Industry with me.

For our birthdays, my cousin (Chloe) and I were both taken to the Museum of science and Industry, by my grandma.

Right when we got to the museum we could tell it would be very busy, and in fact it was! We had to wait in line for about 15 minutes to get our tickets for the Walt Disney limited time exhibit.

When we got up the escalator the room was so amazing! So many Christmas trees from around the World lined the walls and the floors. And in the middle of the room was one huge, huge tree! Finally we were able to find our way to the exhibit where we were pleasantly surprised. Some of the things we found there were; the original costumes of multiple different Disney movies (like Enchanted and Snow White), and my personal favorite the Donald Duck drawing lessons.

After that, we walked around an saw some other fascinating  stuff. Some other highlights of the museum were; the big heart on the wall that showed you how fast your heart was beating, the World’s first walk through projector! The projector was a fog screen which used regular house tap water. It was sweet, Chloe and I spent quite a long time walking through it!!!

There were a lot of other fun things but I could not possibly write them all without writing a book! I truly appreciate my grandmas kindness! It was such a fun time, so fun I almost completely forgot about the pains in my heels that have been bothering me every time I walk! Thanks Grandma, thanks Chicago!!!!!

5 thoughts on “DAY AT THE MUSEUM”

  1. That’s my favorite museum in Chicago. Your post brought back lots of memories. It’s always fun to go at Christmastime and see the trees from around the world. The Disney exhibit looked neat. Thanks for sharing photos. Mary Poppins bag!!! Very cool.

  2. Lauri – have you been there in the past several years? They’ve totally remodeled it. It’s nothing like it was a decade or so ago. Very state-of-the-art and the exhibits actually work.

    1. I can’t remember how long it’s been since we were there. Probably about 8 or 10 years. Do they still have the sliced up man in the one stair well? Another memorable exhibit for me! LOL

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