Columbia, California

I’m all over the place with these posts and I’m so far behind it’s almost useless to attempt to catch up – but little by little …

Another gold-mining town we visited last fall was Columbia, California. Part of the town – is part of the Columbia State Historic Park and has some of the original buildings. The day we were there, was quite crowded because Yosemite was closed during the whole close-the-National-Parks-and-save-money thing or whatever — so tours were bringing their visitors to Columbia. Not quite Yosemite, but an interesting place.

Once gold had been discovered back in the mid 1800s, thousands and thousands of miners came to to town and by 1852 Columbia had 8 hotels, 4 banks, 2 bookstores, 3 churches … and more than 40 bars and other places you could get drinks.

In the years between 1850-1900 – 150 million dollars worth of gold was mined near Columbia … and is in fact, how the North funded the Union Army the Civil War.

A very energetic place. In fact, during its peak, Columbia was the second-largest city in California and was considered for the capit0l, but alas …

Some pictures of Columbia …

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