Sherwood Forest

We also went to Sherwood Forest last fall.

Sherwood Forest was the home of John Tyler, 10th president of the U.S..  The name is no accident. Tyler considered himself a political outlaw like Robin Hood and so named his home Sherwood Forest.

To me the most fascinating thing about Tyler’s estate is that it’s a private home and you can’t tour inside without an appointment. Ok, that’s not so fascinating, the fascinating part is that the house is occupied by … the Tylers. Think about this – Tyler was president from 1841-45 and his grandson still lives in the house. (Figure THAT out!)

We did not make an appointment (kind of wish we had), but you are still free (for a price) to walk around the grounds.

I’m thinking this is one of the most beautiful presidential homes I’ve visited, if not THE most beautiful.

Another interesting fact about Sherwood Forest is that it’s the longest frame home in America at 300 feet (from goal line to goal line on a football field).

We enjoyed simply wandering around the grounds.

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