My sistDSC03192er-in-law likes to sing … and can sing.

Which is why she goes to the opera.

Every year.

I said I would go with her sometime and this week was THAT time. I don’t like opera, but I had never actually seen one, so I figured it would be a good experience. We chose the Barber of Seville because I knew a little about it so it seemed as if it would be a good “first” opera for me. Because I like to go to things I’ve never gone to before.

So, this past Wednesday we headed to the city for the matinee. I had done some research and learned that there was a bistro in the Lyric Opera House that you could eat at ONLY if you had opera tickets. The menu looked good, so we decided to try it.

First of all, I knew the opera house was close to Oglivie Station, but I didn’t know just how close … like within feet of each other – well the river is in between, but that’s about all. Along with many other opera goers, we found out way to the third floor … and the bistro. Dining at Florian’s definitely seemed to be the in thing to do.

I had a quiche. Sally had a Mediterranean tart. Then because going to the opera is a once-a-year event, she ordered the opera torte and I ordered the passion fruit meringue. Everything was super delicious.

I had prepared for my experience by reading the synopsis of the opera so I went in understanding what the story was about. They also have a screen above the stage with the subtitles, so I found myself reading the subtitles and watching it as I would any play, rather than paying attention to the music. The music did nothing for me. But I did enjoy the acting and the story. Sitting next to a friendly couple who chatted with us during intermission was also nice.

Do I like opera any better than I did before? No.

Did I enjoy myself? Yes.

Would I go again? Yes.

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