DSC03353When Cindy asked if I wanted to put Glass Beach on our itinerary, I immediately said, “yes.”

When we first moved to Wisconsin, we used to spend hours walking along the Lake Michigan beach, picking up glass.  We’d fill up jars and put it on our windowsills and the sunlight sparkled in beautiful colors. However, the last few times we were in Wisconsin, we looked but couldn’t find any glass. I guess when they turned North Beach into one of the best beaches in the country, that included cleaning up the sea glass.

So seeing the Fort Bragg Glass Beach seemed like the thing to do.

Although I think the Wisconsin glass was mostly from people having picnics and late night campfires on the beach (illegal or not), but the Fort Bragg Glass Beach is a result of people back in the beginning of the 20th century actually throwing garbage over the cliffs into the water.  In fact, at that time it was called “The Dumps.” Every once in a while, fires would be set to burn the trash. However, as the beach was cleaned up, the waves would bring in the broken glass, rounding out the sharp edges to smooth pieces.

They even have a Glass Festival. (And are thinking about replenishing the glass.)

But even though they make it known that you are not supposed to take glass from the beach, many people do. Reading the Trip Advisor reviews, many said they didn’t see a single piece of glass left.

So don’t get too excited.

The wind was extremely chilly on the day we went and walking on the high bluffs of course, made it even more windy and chilly, but we made our way across the bluff and then had to climb down some rocks. They weren’t too treacherous, but it wasn’t a well laid-out path either. I’m guessing many would choose not to climb down.

The part of the beach we headed for was small and in between some rocks (that you couldn’t get over), but there was at least some glass there.  And the ocean view through the rocks was pretty.


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