Wine Country and Jelly Bellies

Once we found the TALL TREE, we headed south through wine country to the Jelly Belly Factory.

Obviously, I’ve been to the Jelly Belly Factory here which is basically an indoor train ride around a warehouse (but not actually the real warehouse because the real warehouse is there). The train here stops at various stations which are mostly artificial flowers and dusty rabbits and you watch segments from a DVD of there.

So the Jelly Belly Factory here tells you about the Jelly Belly Factory there which is actually where Jelly Bellies (at least some of them are made). And since we were there on a weekday, we actually got to watch the proceedings – real life there of the DVD here.

Otherwise, it is very similar with the Jelly Belly Factory cars and lots of opportunity to buy Jelly Bellies and a small cafe.

But no artificial flowers.




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