Brockway Mountain – Keweenaw Peninsula

If you’re ever on the Keweenaw Peninsula (which juts out into Lake Superior) – you have the choice of several different sites to see.

And we saw a lot of them.

WHAT: Brockway Mountain Drive is an 8.8 mile drive that leads up to the top of the mountain. It’s one of the highest spots between the Rockies and the Alleghenies. I’ve only been on the drive in the summer, but I’m guessing the autumn would be rather amazing, too.

WHERE: Near the tip of the Peninsula near Copper Harbor.

AND? As soon as we got to the top, I said to the munchkin – “There used to be a gift shop here.”   She said, “I know, I bought a stuffed animal there last time we were here.” About four cars stopped right behind us and I declare the first words out of everyone’s mouth were, “Where’s the gift shop?”  I think it was called Skytop Inn or something fancy for a tiny trailer, but whatever, it is no longer there.

The view is still worth is. You can see miles of trees – and lake from both sides.

KID FACTOR: A lot of places for kids to run around, but no gift shop to buy stuffed animals.




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