Afternoon at the Museum



WHAT: Coppertown USA Mining Museum

WHERE:  Calumet, Michigan

AND: Ok, the day was cold, cloudy and rainy so maybe that made out brains cold, cloudy and rainy, too.  Maybe in sunlight this museum is very nice, but for some reason it was looked rather dusty and dreary the day we were there. Parts of it made us smile – like the captions on some old pictures. “These people are happy – except for the man in the back.”

I told Elizabeth another display looked like a school project and then we saw that that’s exactly what it was – from many years ago.

To give the management the benefit of the doubt, several reviewers mentioned how nice, friendly and informative the tour guides were –  but there were no tour guides in sight that day, so maybe that would’ve helped.

One intriguing exhibit was the electric therapeutic treatment machine,

One interesting thing was the sign explaining the machine and how the probes were placed in the body orifices.

One very scary thing was the rack of probes used in the machine to poke in the orifices of the body.

Don’t even think about it … Seriously.

KID FACTOR: My opinion – I don’t think this would be the best place to take kids … unless the tour guides are extremely kid friendly which they might be. Since we didn’t have one, I couldn’t tell you.


DSC_0093 DSC_0095 DSC_0096

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