Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

WHAT: Eagle Harbor Light is a still-working light house in the small town of Eagle Harbor – on the shores of Lake Superior.  The road curves around the harbor giving many of the homes a beautiful view of the lake and the lighthouse.  Originally a lighthouse was built here in 1851 – this one was a replacement built in 1871

WHERE: I’ve been to a lot of lighthouses that have been built on rocky cliffs or far out in the water which makes it difficult for people to visit them. Eagle Harbor is different. The lighthouse is located at the end of a residential street and is easy for anyone to access. We did go inside this time. I don’t remember doing that before. However, you cannot go up to the top, so that’s rather disappointing.

AND: Two smaller buildings are part of the structure. One in particular is interesting as it focuses on Great Lake shipwrecks.  And the views alone, are worth the visit.

KID FACTOR: You can walk on the grounds, but to go inside you do have to pay. This was one of several places we visited, where E. got in free or for a reduced price because she’s not yet 13. (Missed it by a few weeks.) The cove is very cool and I have pictures of the kids there from several years ago and they had fun playing with the rocks. Older kids might like the shipwreck info as E. did.

I’m not sure many kids would be that excited about the inside of the lighthouse itself – just looks like someone’s house and not being able to go to the top kind of takes away any kid factor.  But again, worth the visit because of the awesome views.  Just being honest about the kid thing.







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