Washington D.C.

So the reason we were waiting for the train was to get into the city. And yes, the train finally did come. The train ride itself was good – comfortable seats.  Those who were commuting (like us) were in different cars from those who had travelled the entire way from Chicago and other points west.

After an hour and a half (or so, can’t remember exactly) we made it to Union Station. (Union Station, D.C., not Chicago – just think if you were on the train and you were very tired. You wake up after hours of travel to hear the conductor say you’re at Union Station which is where you started. Ok, enough of that.)

We went from the Amtrak part of the station to the Metro part of the station which is D.C.’s subway and very easy to figure out and also an easy way to navigate the city.

We got off the Metro downtown near Farragut Square which is known more for “Farragut Friday – when 20 some food trucks show up” than it is for the statue of Admiral Farragut – of Civil War fame. Alas … we were not there on Friday.

After checking into our hotel, we headed toward the monuments.

Except we got stopped.

Everything was stopped.

Someone was coming!

Turns out the Obama girls were coming home to the White House and someone said the Grandma was also in the car. When the cars got there – they were going so fast, who knows who was inside. But once they passed, everyone started walking again

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