More Memorials

Last time I was in Washington (in the 90s), we saw the three big memorials (Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln). I guess at that time the Vietnam Memorial was also in place, but we didn’t walk that far.

Since that time the Roosevelt Memorial has been built and was dedicated by Clinton in 1997.

And the Korean Memorial (Very cool – statues of soldiers randomly placed in a grassy area – I heard it’s even cooler at night, but we didn’t go by there in the dark.) This one was established in 1995.

Also, the Martin Luther King Memorial which was dedicated in 2011.

I will be very honest here. Even though I obviously enjoy taking pictures and take a lot of pictures of a lot of things – by this time we had walked several miles and my knee was absolutely in horrible pain – I kept walking, but taking a lot of pictures was too much effort. I wish I had taken more, but I’m just proud that I ignored the pain enough to continue on the journey … especially the next part of it.

But here are the pictures I did take.

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