A Walk in the Dark

We had one busy day and now headed back to our hotel – in the dark. Everyone was tired and everyone was hungry and here is a BIG tip about visiting Washington D.C. Don’t expect to eat anywhere around the capitol/White House area at night. Not going to happen … well, we did find food, but it was a challenge and primarily ended up to be McDonalds.

Anyhow on the way back, we did make a slight turn to the right to see the White House. If you haven’t been to the White House in the last two decades or so, you will find the street very different from what it used to be. Interestingly, TODAY is the 20th anniversary of the street being closed. At first it was temporary, but after 9/11 the street closure became permanent. I’ve seen the White House before, but the family hadn’t and they all thought it looked small and unimpressive. Last time I was there, we went inside and I was unimpressed with the scuffed-up walls. I know with people always walking through, it would be easy for walls to get dirty, but how much does a can of paint cost?

I also have a picture (from last time) of a guard chasing me off the porch. I wasn’t trying to do anything illegal. I knew we couldn’t take photos in the house, but I thought since I was outside, it would be ok. Not.

Across the street from the White House is the Blair House – at times used as the Vice President’s quarters, but is actually the White House guest house. When we think of the Blair House, we think of a white townhouse-looking building – which it is. However, the total house is actually four townhouses and has 70,000 square feet of space – enough for security and several visiting dignitaries. If you haven’t been to Washington D.C. – there are several websites that give you virtual tours inside both houses. Kind of interesting.

The house of white ... At night.
The house of white …
At night.
The familiar portion of the Blair House
The familiar portion of the Blair House

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