Great Grandpa and Grandmas

The purpose behind our trip out East was to surprise Great Grandma Weddle for her 90th birthday.

And we definitely surprised her. (Grandpa knew we were coming.)

So they got out their love letters (when Grandpa was in the service) which are always fun to read. And Grandma got out her photo albums of which she has many.

We know their sweet love story. She was a young girl living in Chatham, Massachusetts (where she grew up, where her roots are and where her family tree still stands in the Atwood House Museum – the genealogy goes back to the  Mayflower). Meanwhile Grandpa was stationed there in Cape Cod – (This was during World War 2 and he was in the Navy.) He was cute. She was cute. She noticed him and also noticed that he walked by her house every afternoon at a specific time. So she decided the lawn needed mowing and the next day, it needed to be mowed again and then again and again … She was always mowing the lawn while he walked by.

That was the beginning.

So we had a great time chatting – the kids hadn’t seen them for awhile – i saw them last fall.

And then we decided to go to Bob Evans for supper … at which point, the other side of the family appeared – more surprises.

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