Non-sequitur Post

Adding a couple things here (about the trip).

West Virginia is the home of Fiesta Ware (and a lot of other glassware factories). Several years ago, Ken and I went to the actual warehouse and bought several pieces for Kelli (who was collecting it at the time).

This time we found an outlet … and although we didn’t buy anything – it was a fun place to take pictures.

And now for a non-sequitur jump

Sue and I are good at finding indigenous restaurants.

One interesting place we ate was The Virginia Diner. (And although I haven’t posted yet about how we got to the Eastern Shore of Virginia – that’s where this restaurant is located.) The rain was steady, but gentle and the after-church crowd was present when we arrived. Tables full of multi-generations of families, crowded this place at the heart of “the peanut capital of the world.”

The restaurant was started back in 1929 in a Sussex, Surry and Southhaven railroad car – as a place to sell hot biscuits and Brunswick Stew. Since that time, the restaurant has expanded and is know for they peanut products which are sold around the world via their website. Antiques lined the wall and peanuts were prevalent.

Very informal environment – good place for kids (which were there in abundance).

Not my favorite meal of the trip, but good and yes, we would stop again for some true southern hospitality and charm.
DSC_0861DSC_0824 DSC_0823

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