A Hampton Inn Worth Blogging About

Ok, I have stayed in Hampton Inns from Maine to Southern California from Florida to Washington and most points in between. We like them.  We know what to expect.  They always come through …

(Well, almost always – there was that time that Ken and I woke up at 2:00 in the morning, both with throbbing headaches (not something that often happened to either of us). We traced it to a chemical spill in the supply closet next to our room – but when we dressed and headed out to the front desk to tell the manager – he said it was because we were by the ocean and we didn’t understand what an ocean smelled like. Excuse me? We actually do know what an ocean smells like and it doesn’t smell like someone just cleaned it with an over abundance of chemical-laced cleaning supplies. But even that worked out well – if we hadn’t left the motel at 3:00 a.m., we wouldn’t have been driving through a Jacksonville industrial park at sunrise and I wouldn’t have taken what I consider my best photo ever – so all is forgiven.)

All that to say – the Hampton Inn on Chincoteague Island is right up there at the top. Ok, I understand being RIGHT on the water (water that didn’t smell like cleaning supplies) helped its charm, but so did everything else about it. The staff was super friendly and the manager was constantly mingling with guests making sure all was well in their Hampton Inn world. Not surprisingly they have been voted a top ten Hampton Inn for the past 12 years or something … and they have a Trip Advisor 5 star rating from more than 700 reviewers. I’m not their marketing person or anything, but let me just say – they deserve it.

The Inn is close to town and an easy drive out to the park … plus that whole water thing I already talked about. Yes, it’s a little more expensive than some Hampton Inns, but not by much considering you’re staying in the middle of a tourist area … on an island … on the water. Yep, would recommend this one.

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