Still Heading North

Our next stop was Rehobeth Beach – another town that looks like Mackinaw City. That’s not a “you’ve seen one beach town, you’ve seen them all” statement, I love beach towns.  I just found it interesting how the three cities are laid out in a similar pattern.

On the way to Rehobeth Beach, we went over the Indian River Inlet Bridge which is, as far as bridges go, exceptionally cool. The bridge is the latest of several bridges built over the inlet – none of which has latest very long because of the climate – this one cost 150 million dollars and is expected to last 100 years (so you have time to visit).

Later, we stopped for the night and ate at Meddings and Son – a seafood restaurant. I got the fish platter: clam, crab cakes, shrimp and hush puppies. Not sure what Sue got, but I am sure it wasn’t seafood. Not my favorite meal of the trip, but some authentic ocean cuisine.

But this is the big achievement of the day for me –

I collect counties. Every county I visit, gets colored in on my big U.S. map. Ken and I started this when our kids were in middle school and I’ve kept it going.

Delaware is the second state where I have visited every county.

Wisconsin is the first and it was a lot more difficult to cover the 72 Wisconsin counties than it was the 3 Delaware counties – but then again, I don’t get to Delaware that often.

Indian River Inlet Bridge - very cool bridge.
Indian River Inlet Bridge – very cool bridge.
Rehobeth, Delaware
Rehobeth, Delaware
Meddings and Son
Meddings and Son

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