The Chocolate Garden

Jumping around again … to a trip just last week.


I like indigenous restaurants.

I like places that have been featured on the Food Network, just because I think that gives them some credibility for being deliciously good … or maybe not.

So, as we were walking through a town which shall remain nameless and saw a cupcake bakery that had actually WON cupcake wars, we suddenly got a craving for a cupcake. You see those scrumptious confections with spectacular decorations on television and figure that if they won $10,000 they must be good.

Or not. Just didn’t like them and we were both sorry we had wasted the calories. (I will say there is a cupcake bakery right here in the area that has much more memorable cupcakes. The owner also told me she would not go on Cupcake Wars because she wants to focus on her customers. If you want to know where THAT bakery is, let me know and I’ll tell you … or maybe even take you there 🙂 )


So we were on our way home and saw a sign for The Chocolate Garden, a classic-looking sign that just said to stop and oh, yeah – the place had been featured on The Food Network. We decided to try again. Signs pointed us down a narrow country road, twisting and turning through vineyards.

And then we came upon the Chocolate Garden surrounded by fields. We walked into a large, simply decorated room lined with shelves. The chocolate is all the same ball-shaped truffles. One counter had rich, dark chocolate, another milk chocolate and still a third display had white chocolate. But each of the three sections had a multitude of flavors – chocolate raspberry, lemon white, etc.

The truffles are super expensive – so stop for a special treat. In other words, you’ll not be getting your supply of Halloween candy for the neighborhood kids here. For $3.00 you choose three samples – small slices of the truffles of your choice. Two truffles cost $6.00. You can also buy bigger boxes which I didn’t.

Even though I like chocolate, I’m not a chocoholic. But I bought two lemon-flavored white chocolate truffles and I’m making them last by eating a small piece a day. They are smooth, flavorful and rich – so a small slice a day works.

The girls behind the counter were super friendly. At least one was the owner’s niece and she explained how each truffle is made separately, etc. Oh, and besides the Food Network, they’ve been mentioned in a bunch of other places and won the “most ravishing chocolate.”

So again, be prepared – the truffles are expensive (but chocolate is expensive anywhere these days), but if you’re looking for a different sort of experience while riding south on 94 in Michigan – here’s an option.

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