A Walk Through Bronners

Ok, it’s going on 88 degrees outside. The air feels muggy and a storm is coming … what better day to take a walk through Bronners. (No, I’m not there – not this afternoon. This is our trip from earlier in June.) And I don’t go to Michigan to see Christmas ornaments, I go to see my friends … but they just happen to live near Christmas ornaments …because once upon a time, we lived just four miles down the road from “the largest CHRISTmas store in the world.” That’s their spelling by the way – every customer (and they have a lot of them) – gets a John 3:16 tract in their purchase. When we lived there and the afternoons got super, really, very hot – we’d go wander around in Bronners for awhile.

If you don’t know about Bronner’s – here are some facts.

*350 trees are displayed in their stores (lights on).

*$1,250 is the cost of their electric bill – EACH day!

*50,000 customers stop by on Thanksgiving weekend.

*More than two million customers stop by during the year.

*Customers have included everyone from John Wayne to Laura Bush to Faith Hill.

And now you.

So take a stroll through Christmas wonderland and enjoy some glitter and sparkle.

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