Where Laura Eats

Now … I’m really going back …  to a quick, but unique trip to Midland, Texas almost two years ago. I went down for a conference … and a promise of a visit to something presidential with the Ivie family.

Our first stop was lunch … after a very long night. (I was supposed to get to town at 5:00, but actually flew in at 2:00 a.m. – there were two other people in the whole airport. Fortunately, I knew that Jenifer would be there to meet me – we had been texting – so I wasn’t too concerned, still … And I did feel sorry that she had to stay up that late to get me.)

Anyhow, they had pursued presidential sites and therefore, took me to Dona Anitas – a Mexican restaurant in downtown Midland. The place didn’t look out of the ordinary and the inside was obviously worn – but the servers were friendly and the owner herself, made sure we were comfortable.

The Presidential part is that this is a favorite restaurant of the the Bush family. Even now, when Laura travels to Midland to see her mother, this is where they eat.

However, no one in the restaurant looked like a Bush.

But this was fun and the food was good.

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