Two President’s Homes … for the Price of One

My very-accomodating hosts also made sure I got to the President George W. Bush childhood home. Of course, that meant the house was also the home of the elder Bush. The house could not have been more opposite from the beautiful Kennebunkport house that sits above the rocky point that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

In contrast, the Midland house was a small, ranch-style home on a residential street neatly tucked next to other similar homes. The Bush family lived here from 1951 – 1955. And for some strange reason, I did not get a good picture of the outside of the home – so will see if I can “borrow” one. (So in in the interest of fair picture taking – I DID NOT take this picture.)


Of course this house isn’t THAT old, at least compared to somewhere like Mount Vernon, but the tour guide seemed to want to make it historically old. She would hold up an object and say, “Do you know what this is?” like it was something out of the dark ages – when actually it would be something even the kids have in their houses. Besides the presidential significance, the house is thought to be one of the first houses from the fifties set aside for historical purposes.

I so appreciate Kevin and Jenifer for giving me a Bush tour of Midland.

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