My next few blog posts are from a recent trip “up north.” I was there because of my granddaughter’s surgery, but do not want to write about that (or the many pictures we took during her six day stay at the hospital). Though it was a tough experience, she is home now and doing much better and that’s all I’ll say about it.

The surgery was in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Once she was out of surgery and back in her room, we could tell that it would be awhile before she woke up. So, Jeff and I took the other two kids to Jurustic Park while Cindy stayed with the “patient.”

Jurustic Park is outside of Marshfield and although there are signs, there is a lot of road construction and so it can be difficult to find because it’s way back in the McMillan Marsh.

WHERE: A few miles out of Marshfield, Wisconsin.

WHO: Clyde Wynia, a retired attorney (and artist) started building dinosaurs and other creatures out of metal. After a few of them were in the yard, people began coming to see them. Now he gets visitors from all over the world. He puts a solution on his sculptures to make them rust quickly (hence Jurustic Park) and people now walk through his yard to see what he’s done. He has also made several sculptures for people in town – including a huge dinosaur for the front of one of the grade schools.

AND: His wife also makes jewelry which you can buy. Both Mr. and Mrs. Wynia talked to us. Clyde is an eccentric character with a lot of stories – the kind of story telling when you don’t know what is truth and what is fiction.

He also shot off a bottle rocket for us.

I wouldn’t go too far out of my way to visit, but if you’re in Marshfield, waiting (and a little stressed out) about your daughter/granddaughter/sibling who has just had major surgery – it’s a good place to go.)

KID FACTOR: Good place for kids to walk around and see the funny sculptures.

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