Lincoln’s Tomb

We also stopped at Lincoln’s Tomb.

When Lincoln died on April 15, 1865, Mary wanted him buried back in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois. The funeral train slowly made its way across the country to this  central Illinois city. The 1,654 mile journey followed the route Lincoln had taken on his pre-election jaunt in 1861. Willie Lincoln’s body was also on the train (he had died in the White House in 1862 – at age 11.) Willie was to be buried with his father.

A legend is – rub Lincoln’s nose (you’ll see the shininess) and you’ll get good luck. When we rubbed it last time we were there – we promptly drove away only to be hit by a van who neglected to stop at a stop light. Kelli’s van was totaled, but thankfully no one was hurt.

So, I warned my fellow travelers – do NOT rub Lincoln’s nose, but they did and alas … we weren’t in any accidents but back home  … just a short time later, my fellow travelers heard of a family member having an accident. Again, no one was hurt, however, the car is still in the shop … Not sure what it is about THAT nose!

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