The Rendezvous

Across from the Peabody, down a narrow alley is The Rendezvous, supposedly the best bbq ever. In fact, the Food Network featured it on their “Best Thing I Ever Ate” show and Elvis AND Bill Clinton have eaten there, as has George W. Bush – so of course, it’s worth a stop. But, if Betsy’s mom (who was traveling with us) didn’t know about it, we would’ve never, ever found it. (I mean, who walks down city alleys to find a good lunch place?)

Even when you find it, you aren’t quite sure … but then you go inside and down a flight of steps to the basement and the atmosphere changes to bbq friendly. As soon as we sat down, a friendly server brought us each a bowl of sausage/rice/red bean stew/gumbo concoction. This would not be something I would ordinarily order, but it was absolutely delicious and I could’ve easily eaten another bowl. I admit I didn’t actually order the bbq – but a grilled cheese sandwich (which was good).

The placed hopped with activity, both locals and tourists. The staff rushed around, serving the dozens of people who came down the steps. Truly a fun, indigenous restaurant which I would highly recommend.

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