Rowan Oak

William Faulkner is a well-known American writer.

I have Faulker’s The Sound and the Fury, a novel of an aristocratic family living in Mississippi and the challenges they faced over the years. I did not like it. And because I didn’t like it, I don’t think I’ve read any of his other books. However, I do know who he is and I know that a lot of his books are written about the area around Oxford, Mississippi – which is where we were. His house is almost as well-known as he is .. and so we went to Rowan Oak.

Funny, when we got there, a lot of construction was happening and I think we walked around it twice before we figured out that there was actually a door that we could go through.

The Faulkners bought the house in 1930 – William thought of it as his haven, a place where he could get away, be private and write. He researched the history of the area and wrote about it. He lived at Rowan Oak until his death in 1962.

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