Wandering Around Phoenix

So one night we decided to head to downtown Phoenix and wander around and see what we could see. What we saw was a city with skyscrapers and a park with some artsy stuff including a netting sculpture entitled “Her Secret is Patience.” (Truly, I could spend the rest of my life staring at the huge net before guessing that name. More commonly it’s called Jellyfish or Tornado.)

We walked around looking for a place to eat and ended up at Steve’s Greenhouse Grill which says its burgers were voted the best in downtown Phoenix – not sure how many burgers are in downtown Phoenix – but it was fine. Though the memorable part of this restaurant was the server who was surprised to “see me on the weekday, because I’m usually there on the weekend.” Though I told him I had never been there before, he was sure I was one of his regular customers or my twin sister is. Interesting. Unless my parents aren’t telling me something, I didn’t know I had a twin sister. He was so insistent, I almost wanted to stick around and meet this other me.

We headed back to the car and passed “Her Secret is Patience” once again – which was now lit up – a neon beacon in the night sky.




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