8 Very Quick Book Reviews

So my goal is to read 100 books this year. So far I have read 38 and I am in the middle of a few others (one on my phone, one devotional book, etc.) Some I’ve already reviewed on Facebook – but here are eight interesting (not always happy) reads.

What are the best ten I’ve read so far? My favorites have jumped all over the genres.  But here goes …

  1. Product DetailsWhy God Calls you to Dangerous Places (Kate McCord). I have read all Miss McCord’s books about her time in Afghanistan. If reading about difficult ministry challenges you – these books will make you think.


2.Issac’s Storm – Product DetailsErik Larsen’s book about the flood in Galveston, Texas in September 8, 1900. Again, not an enjoyable book as much as challenging thinking about the people who went through such a devastating experience … and so many lost lives.


3. Product DetailsLittle Girl Blue – Another sad book – the story of Karen Carpenter. Those of you who know the story know she died of anorexia. People could see her wasting away, but didn’t know what to do about it.


4. The Invisible Girls by Sarah Thebarge. Unique story of a girl who met a family of Somoli refugees on a train. She takes an interest in them and becomes their friend.The children excitedly waited for her visits. She came with games and pizza and worked with the mom to help the kids with their education. The book itself was written to provide college money for “The Invisible Girls.”


Product Details5. J.R.R. Tolkien – the Making of a Legend by Colin Duriez – I have read the Hobbit and I have read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but I can’t say they’re my favorite books. That being said, I do know that Tolkien was a man of faith and had a lot to do with C.S. Lewis’ own faith. (They were great friends at Oxford.)

Tolkien met his wife when he was 16 and she was 19 and the priest (who acted as his father) made them separate for three years because of the age difference. She waited for him. He came back to her. From the earliest, he was a philologist – someone who could develop languages. Many of his stories began as bedtime tales for his kids … and all his kids turned out quite well.


Product Details6 .Where the Light Gets In – by Kimberly-Williams Paisley. A recently published book by a well-known actress (and wife of country singer, Brad Paisley). But unlike many books by well-known people, this is beautifully written. Not surprising that Kimberly’s parents were both journalists.

This is the story of Kimberly’s mom who developed a form of dementia at a fairly early age. Kimberly writes of watching her mother grow more and more distance and what that did to her and her family. This is a story of a family who loves and supports ea51EmdSsBp8L._AC_UL115_.jpgch other amazingly well.


7. Five Brides by Eva Marie Emerson.(Finally a happy book.)  Five career girls live in Chicago after World War II. They live in the same apartment but aren’t always connected with each other. Busy schedules keep them apart until one afternoon when they are all there. They go downtown for a movie and then do some window shopping – when seeing a beautiful bridal gown in the window of Carsons, they decide to go in and try it on. They are all the same size, so they split the cost and decide they will all wear it at their weddings. A good view of life after the war … and the story is true and yes, they all wore the dress.


8. Double Play by Ben and Juliana Zobrist. The story of their courtship, their marriage and Ben’s depression when things didn’t go exactly the way he wanted them to. You 51g7vgdnMBL._AC_US60_SCLZZZZZZZ__.jpgdon’t have to be a Cub fan to get something out of this book – two PKs finding their way in life. Although Ben is a great hero for kids – probably not something an elementary boy would enjoy since it’s not only about his baseball abilities, but his courtship and depression.



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