State #3 – Arizona

I had a difficult time choosing the Arizona pictures especially since I had just been there a couple months ago, so a lot of the scenery was still fresh in my mind.

The first picture is of the Sonoran Desert Preserve, a park right outside Phoenix. We went there on a beautiful afternoon between church visits. To make the park even more interesting, a lady was riding her white horse across the hillside adding to the Old West feel of it all.

Saguaros stood like guards watching over the low-blooming flowers. And although we felt like we were miles away from civilization, the city of Phoenix was the background.


The second picture was not taken anywhere special. We were driving about 30 miles outside of Phoenix to visit some people who wanted to ask questions about Awana. Busy, rush hour, lots of traffic as we passed gas stations and restaurants and strip malls, but the sky was unbelievably gorgeous. Truly so. I fortunately wasn’t driving so every time Cindy stopped at a light, I was able to take pictures of the sunset. The sky grew more and more beautiful as we went …DSC_0445.JPG

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