State #4 – Arkansas

We were staying at the Hampton Inn in Blytheville on our way to Memphis. (An exceptional Hampton Inn was exceptionally friendly receptionists.)

“So,” I asked, “if we would like to see something unique in Blytheville, where would we go?”

The two ladies looked at each other.  “Ahhh, maybe That Bookstore,” one suggested.

“THAT bookstore?”

“Yes, it’s the first bookstore who was willing to publicize John Grisham books and and he hangs around there some.”

Bookstores are good.

“And the bus station,” said the other lady. “The bus station is old.”

“Real old,” the other added. “Retro.”

So we went to the bookstore which I wrote about here.

And we went to the Greyhound bus station – built in 1939 and one of only three left from that era. The station was not open when we were there, but we could see the inside was also quite retro. The bus station is also the visitor’s center for the area but we were already at the main attraction!



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