So I get a lot of ideas in life because I’m always curious about my surroundings – a lot of things I want to do and start to do with good intentions. However, sometimes those ideas don’t last very long.


And with that introduction, I am embarking on another fun quest.

Last weekend I was walking through Jewel doing some basic shopping when I noticed a package of kumatos. And I wondered what they were and just like that I thought, How fun would it be to buy one thing at a grocery store each week that I’ve never purchased before?

So these are my rules –

  1. One item a week.
  2. Something I haven’t purchased even though it might be fairly common in the homes of other people.
  3. I need to eat it (but doesn’t have to be a complicated recipe), and report on it.
  4. Or another option would be to order a dish at a restaurant that I have never had before.

And with that start to my new quest, I bought myself some kumatos.

But not before looking them up on my phone and discovering that kumatos are cultivated in Spain and called olmeca. They are basically a brown tomato grown by a private company that only sells seed to selected growers. In other words, you can’t go somewhere and by a kumato seed. Most of the recipes mixed kumato with our more familiar tomato.

What I did with them was make bruschetta.img_6065

I covered slices of tuscan bread with olive oil and broiled them for a few minutes. They I topped the bread with chopped kumato, chopped tomato, avocado, mixed with garlic, basil leaves and balsamic vinagerette, salt and pepper. The only kind of cheese I had was parmesan, so I sprinkled that on top.

My take on it all? Delicious. In fact, after eating two bruschetta, I finished off the rest of the kumato/tomato mixture with a spoon and that alone was also good.

So my kumato experiment was a 5.



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