A New Food Review – Jambalaya

Ok, don’t judge me. I’m sure Louisianans would never recommend that my first taste of Jambalaya would be from a box.

But hey – this challenge only says I have to buy something I haven’t purchased before and make it and eat it. (My challenge. I make the rules.) I don’t remember having Jambalaya.

So I decided to try it.

Actually, before I got out my pans, I looked the product up on Amazon to read the reviews to see how good this stuff really is.

Surprisingly, people who seem to know what real Jambalaya tastes like, gave this product 5 stars …  and said it was a good substitute for the real thing which is rather astonishing for a boxed dinner.

I also bought myself some smoked sausage (like the directions told me to).

From there I followed the packaged instructions.

My take on it all? Not bad.

When I consider it had to get pass two of my “not-favorite” things to eat – that is spicy. (I’m not a big fan of overly spicy food) and boxed dinners (I’m a fan of fresh), I thought it was ok. Maybe a 3.  I did eat about a cup and a half of it which is more than I’m willing to eat if I don’t like something.

So if like Jambalaya or want to try Jambalya – give it a go.



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