New Food – Figgy Seeded Bites

Looking for a new taste experience, I came across Figgy Seeded Bites. This was in My Baking with Mary Berry cookbook. In case you don’t know who Mary Berry is  – she is the grande Dame of British baking. (Think Great British Baking Show – truly a charming TV program.)

The reason why I chose these is because they were labeled a common treat in British coffee shops, so because of my British roots …

But the name does NOT have a ring to it. Neither did it sound that appetizing to me. I’m not a big fan of figs, but being that this experience is all about things I wouldn’t ordinarily eat, I decided to go for it.

And figgy seeded bites was a lot more “seeded” than it was “figgy” because there was a shopping cart full of ingredients – oatmeal, coconut, figs (of course), sunflower seeds, pumpkin kernels, etc.


I mixed the dry ingredients together in one bowl.


And then cooked the liquid mixture on the stove. Then mixed them all together and baked.


The result? So delicious. I would give them a 10 out of 10. I took a picture of a finished bar in front of my very British relatives (however, they made the mistake of sailing on the Lusitania).

Yes, I delightfully recommend figgy seeded bites.(One of the people I shared them with begged me to make another batch – they are THAT good.)img_6136

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