New Food – pumello

img_6152Ahhh … remember my success with last week’s new food? Keep that in mind.

This week, I stopped at a different store on the way home from work and saw a display of pumellos. I hadn’t seen those before so I paused to look it up on my phone and while I did so, an attentive produce manager came over to chat with me.

“They’re like grapefruit, but mellower. They don’t have the acid of grapefruit and they have a much thicker skin. (Some researchers think that the grapefruit is a cross between the pumello and a wild orange.)

I’m ok with grapefruit – I decided to try a pumello. They were kind of expensive – but I was only buying one so it wasn’t too bad.

A lady and her two kids were standing behind me in the checkout lane. The kids were maybe 10 and eleven and were having a friendly chat with their mom. The mom turned to me,  “What does that taste like?”

I explained about the new food every week challenge and that I had never had a pumello before but I was assured it tasted like grapefruit, except mellower with no acid.

“Your new food idea is great,” she said. “Kids, isn’t that a great idea?”

“So can we get one of those, Mom? We like grapefruit.”

The mom said “sure” and sent the daughter off to get one of their own pumellos. “See what you started?” She smiled and I smiled back because at that point … well … at that point …

I brought it home and later in the evening decided to peel it and cut it up with some pineapple for a breakfast fruit salad.

I bet you never knew that there are countless youtube videos that teach you how to peel a pummelo or pomelo or pomello (no one seems to know the exact spelling). The one I watched had some weird not-fruit-preperation music behind it. Anyhow, you cut off the top (which I did).


And then you make a vertical cut and then a horizontal cut – my problem is I cut the entire way through the fruit, but you are supposed to not make a complete cut – that way you can make a flower out of the peel. Which if I had done it that way or known that I could make a pumello peel flower, I could show you. But I didn’t. However, I basically did it correctly (other than messing up the whole flower thing). You then put your thumb in that center hole (see above) and pull.


Now it would seen that since you have the unpeeling completed, you would be able to eat the fruit – but no. More work to do. There is a rather thick membrane between each segment, which you must peel off and oh yes, you also need to deseed it in the process. This whole getting the segment membrane off isn’t that easy.

I kind of felt like I was filleting fish. That is, if I actually ever filleted a fish.

By this time I had been listening to the weird youtube pumello-peeling music for a half hour and working on my pumello-peeling-project. I wondered how the mom from the check-out lane was doing and if she was ruing the fact that she had talked to me.img_6157

See that pile in front?  That’s the membrane. (Yes, it looks like fruit, but that’s just the shadow of the segment which it was membraning.) See the pile in back? That’s the fruit.

I mixed it with the pineapple as originally planned and it is definitely mellower and not as acidity as a grapefruit.

So let’s see. This fruit cost me $4.00. This fruit took a half hour to prepare. This fruit had more peel and membrane than it actually had fruit. Oh yeah, then I read that it can interfere with chlolesterol medication. Which I’m not on, but a lot of people are.

But it was good and yes, I might do it again and this time do the whole flower thing (not sure why), it’s basically compost, but why not?

Taste? 8 out of 10.

Everything else – 2 out of 10.






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