New Food – White Asparagus (Otherwise Known as Vampire Asparagus)

My new food today is white asparagus. Being a lover of green asparagus, white asparagus sounded interesting.

There is a reason the asparagus is white – it is grown underground and by process of etiolation which simply means lack of light. Dirt is piled on it so sunlight doesn’t reach the plant. Without light, the plant has no chlorophyll, therefore, the plant doesn’t turn green. Thus it is called the vampire of the vegetable world.

White asparagus is only on the market for a short time each spring and is quickly off the market because restaurant chefs buy it up.


The plant tastes similar to green asparagus, but is a little more mellow. Also, you need to peel the outside, similarly to peeling a carrot … and with a vegetable peeler.


And you cut off the tips.

Next you simmer for 15-20 minutes. (Add a pinch salt, pinch of sugar and a teaspoon of butter.)


Many people eat it with hollandaise sauce, but I simply melted some cheese on top. (Looks rather like macaroni and cheese!)

My opinion? The taste wasn’t that different from regular asparagus, so I probably wouldn’t get this again (it is more expensive) … unless I was fixing a dinner for company and wanted something unusual (yet, doesn’t taste that unusual). I’ll give it a 7 out of 10.



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