A Unique Restaurant in a Unique Place

Lunch time. Cindy (friend Cindy, not relative Cindy) and I always do a web search to find the best (and inexpensive) local, indigenous restaurant.

So, when headed into Snowflake, Arizona, that’s exactly what we did. The reviews seemed to point to La Cocina de Eva (the kitchen or cooking of Eva).

By the way – Snowflake (which I’ve already stated somewhere) is not named after an elegant snowflake, but rather after Mr. Snow and Mr. Flake. (Wonder why they didn’t name it Flakesnow?)

Anyhow, we found the restaurant which was actually across the street from where our GPS told us it was. On the front window was a sign that read something like (can’t remember the exact words) If you want to “taco” about Jesus, let us know.”

Inside a multitude of pictures lined the walls, some of Mexico and some of the last supper and various other biblical scenes. The tables also had a biblical quote (not a verse, but a quote) and all the servers wore shirts that said “Jesus is the reason for my life.”

And this was our take on La Cocina.

  1. The food was delicious (just as the reviews had promise!) I had a the mini-chimi lunch special – lots of food.
  2. The servers were super friendly.
  3. The bathrooms were extra clean.

Well worth the stop and would highly recommend it to anyone driving through town.

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