New Food – Vietnamese Pho

Last Monday, on the way to the C.S. Lewis lecture in Wheaton, we went out to dinner at Pho Le, at Vietnamese restaurant. (This was a first – an evening at a Vietnamese restaurant and listening to C.S. Lewis’ stepson – don’t think that combination will ever happen again in my life.)

Pho, is a Vietnamese noodle soup with rice noodles, herbs and meat. We ordered spring rolls. The rolls (made of rice paper) were stuffed with vegetables and shrimp. They were good – I probably wouldn’t order again, but I would eat them again if they were offered to me. Basically it was the texture of the rice paper that I liked the least, not the taste. Again, is I was served the rolls again, I would eat them.

I had the beef meatball pho and that was good and so MUCH!. Didn’t even look like I had dented the bowl when I was done eating and ended up bringing most of it home with me.

The server was very informative, polite and helpful, explaining the choices and the ingredients.

Overall, I would give the experience a 7.



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