New Food – Kumquats

I saw this package of kumquats and they just screamed “inspiring new food experiences.”



So maybe I’ve had kumquats before. Somewhere. But I don’t remember them and I know I haven’t actually purchased them.

Besides – these were adorable kumquats. And that’s a first, too, I don’t remember ever remember buying a food that was labeled adorable. Hard to resist adorable food.


My research said you can eat them whole – peel and all.


I also read that the outside is a little sweeter than the inside. So (as recommended by all kumquat-eating sites) – I cut the kumquat in half and squeezed out the pits and juice.

And ate the rest.


The first one I ate was a little sour. The second one was a little sweeter.


I’ll give the adorable kumquats a 6.

But I didn’t stop there. I had some of the adorable little fruit left, so I took them to work and offered them to my co-workers. Out of the 8 or so I gave out, no one could remember having them before, especially not adorable ones.

I wish I had videoed them taking their first bite. Most of them scrunched up their faces like babies eating lemons for the first time. Out of the 8 – I would say three liked them, one man even came back for seconds. Three others said that they were tart, but ok and they ate the whole thing. Two didn’t finish them and didn’t like them at all.

Adorable or not.

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